Business advisory is a complex job as it takes an educated and skillful individual to handle serious tasks. Advising a business on the most important turns and developments could either make or break its road to success in the respective markets. Therefore, it’s a job well-reserved for individuals like Eli Taieb. Being a skillful businessman with an ongoing passion for starting profitable ventures, Eli has extensive experience running different types of businesses. He wasn’t only an investor in the business world.

In reality, he found many business ideas, crafted them to near perfection, and then worked on them to achieve success. You must know that advising businesses and offering branding expertise is not a task for an inexperienced individual. So, let’s find out what made Elicko Taieb a different serial entrepreneur than others.

Eli Taieb’s Hunt for a Serial Entrepreneurial Career

Eli was so passionate about having his businesses in the food industry that he owned nearly nine different food restaurants and shops. He was marketing-savvy and had immense potential as a business advisor. However, that was realized once entered into different partnership ventures across multiple industries. Starting with the food industry, Eli Taieb invested in several food businesses that included “I Scream for Ice Cream” and “Amazing Pretzels.

He owned food shops and restaurants in the most popular mall food courts across the US. Some of them were located in Virginia, South Florida, and Washington. When he generated enough profits to embark on other ventures, he invited several partners to share the revenue of the food businesses. From then on, he entered the real estate market in South Florida that was booming at the time. He found the opportunity to start a pest control business. With a small investment of $7,000, he started offering pest control services to homeowners in Florida.

The company was successful, and as soon as he hit the jackpot through his idea, he turned to another venture regarding home inspection services. The Florida realtors were in dire need of reliable home inspection services, and Eli Taieb saw that. Elicko Taieb invested in another company and began offering home inspection services to high-end realtors and homeowners. Shortly, the said business venture also skyrocketed, with over 200 home inspections every month for nine straight months.

Multiple Business Ventures as per Eli Taieb

Talking about business advisory, Diamond CBD is among the most profound CBD businesses that gained the required momentum with the help of Elicko Taieb. Eli helped the company create a brand image that allowed customers to differentiate between Diamond CBD and competitors. His business advisory expands to the food and fitness industries.

While he operated over nine different food shops and restaurants, he also helped his peer Isaac Nakash make his “Applete” dream come true in the fitness industry. For almost two decades, Eli Taieb has been operating as a successful serial entrepreneur across many industries in the US.


Most of his successful ventures were in the food, CBD, fitness, e-cig, and daily deals aggregator industries. He is among the most prolific serial entrepreneurs and tops the list for business advisory and branding expertise. He still seeks to employ the best business ideas in the market with great investments. Being a public speaker, he also encourages young entrepreneurs.

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