Elicko Taieb has mastered an extensive range of skills and business prowess by spending ample time in the modern business world. He boasts the experience of over two decades that includes the beginning of his serial entrepreneurial career. While there are many entrepreneurs in the world, there are a relatively small fraction of serial entrepreneurs.


Among these serial entrepreneurs, not all are successful in running businesses simultaneously across a range of different industries. It takes time, dedication, expertise, and skills to make your name in the business world. Being a serial entrepreneur from the early 2000s, Eli Taieb has involved himself in various business ventures. It is valid to assume that the level of success Eli has achieved was possible because of the risks he took with his business prowess and investments. Although his ventures comprised food, CBD, real estate, fitness, and other industry businesses, the most popular business of Eli Taieb was Smoking Everywhere.

Elicko Taieb –How He Began Serial Entrepreneurship

By learning through his experience, Elicko Taieb realized one thing, to start a business, you should know the demands of the customers beforehand. This helps in guiding the venture in the right direction. Eli was a business enthusiast, and there is ample record supporting that. His passion for business stems from his initial investments in the food industry during 1999. He was able to run nine different food shops and restaurants across the US successfully.

After selling off the food businesses to earn sizeable profits, Eli moved forward with his serial entrepreneurial career to seek better investment opportunities and develop greater expertise in the modern business world. Following that, Elicko Taieb went for another notable achievement. With a small investment of $7,000, Eli turned a pest control services business of South Florida real estate into a multi-million dollar venture within a short time.

Furthermore, he invested in home inspection for realtors in South Florida. What’s interesting is that he worked with the locals to address the market gaps. By providing home inspection services to the realtors in the growing real estate market of South Florida, Eli Taieb made sizeable profits. These profits and earnings contributed to the growth of his business and plunged it towards a larger scale.

Eli Taieb’s Activities across Different Industries

All his business ventures have helped him gain the confidence, knowledge, experience, and expertise of becoming a leading business advisory expert and brand consultant. From food, real estate, pest control, hospitality, and CBD to the fitness industry, Eli Taieb has invested in many industries. The electronic cigarettes industry was a unique milestone in Eli’s career. He managed to deal with the legal restrictions and helped his business grow and make it profitable.


Looking at the many ventures of Elicko Taieb, we can conclude that he is a man of firm dedication and passion for business. While he is on the road to success, he keeps pursuing profitable and potentially successful ventures.

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