Elicko Taieb is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the United States. Not only this, he is one of the few investors who has opened employment opportunities in the country. Plus, Elicko has also partnered with several other investors to help them grow in different industries.

Well, the list of achievements of Elicko is long. Read the article further to get an idea of what skills you need to become a successful serial entrepreneur like him.


Who are Serial Entrepreneurs?

Serial entrepreneurs come up with innovative ideas and establish businesses. A serial entrepreneur takes on complex and hard challenges. You also need to know that once they established a company and start getting profit from it, they need to move on to another venture, whether in the same industry or different.

The best part of these investors is that they have advisory and management skills that help them get successful in every industry. You might even see some of the entrepreneurs who sell their businesses to start new companies.

Elicko Taieb and His Journey of Serial Entrepreneurship

When it comes to serial entrepreneurship, an individual needs to have the following skills:

  • Strong and stable leadership
  • Creative and innovative skills
  • Strong discipline
  • Ability to set concrete goals
  • Good time management
  • Unwiring optimism
  • Ability to do hard work
  • Extensive energy to put efforts

Finding all these qualities in a single person may not look possible. You might know a few people who have half of these qualities. But surprisingly, Eli Taieb has all these qualities that have helped him cater to the needs of the demanding and popular industries in a short period. Within 20 years of period, Eli has established different popular brands and companies.

You might know that a competitive market requires an understanding of the needs and wants of the consumers. Plus, you also need to find out the features not introduced in the market that are important for a better lifestyle. Eli has provided services and products that consumers can benefit from in different ways using his knowledge and exceptional skills.

Elicko and Different Industry

Eli established his first popular business in the food industry in the 2000s. Keep in mind that the food industry has always remained a competitive market. Strengthening your roots in this industry is the most challenging thing any investor has to do. But Elicko Taieb, like always, stepped into the food market and won the hearts of every type of food lover, whether they are ice cream, fast food, or other consumers.

Not only this, but Eli’s understanding of the upcoming trends and ability to introduce new trends have helped him get noticeable achievement in several other industries. It includes pest control, hospitality, daily deals services, real estate, and CBD. Elicko even has the credit to establish the first e-cig company in the United States, named Smoking Everywhere. It is important to note that Eli Taieb got successful after fighting several battles. He even had to fight against FDA about his e-cig company. With his efforts, he finally won the case and started producing his products.

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