Business advisory helps many business ventures become successful across a range of different industries worldwide. It is valid to assume that running a business, especially a fresh startup isn’t a one-man job.

However, despite all the hurdles, many businesses have become multinational corporations with the help of analytical assessment and business advisors, such as Elicko Taieb. He stands as one of the most renowned serial entrepreneur and business advisors today.

What is Business Advisory?


In simple words, business advisory includes the best business advice and expertise from capable and experienced individuals. Business advisors are experienced businessmen, analysts, and financial planners.

Business advisory involves the assessment of an entire project or business. By identifying the key benefits and the potential limitations, a business moves towards achievements and improvement. Thus, with time, business startups or large companies planning big projects are able to benefit from profound suggestions and valid assessments. Hence, better chances of success.

Some of the business advisory roles include budgeting, business transformation assessment, profit improvement suggestions, success planning, cash flow management, buying, or even selling a business.

About Eli Taieb’s Business Advisory


Business advisory is a complex and demanding role in the modern business world. Eli Taieb has the required skill set to perform the role and offers much more on top of business advisory. While business advisory demands the knowledge of complicated business environments and settings, he fulfills the job using his expertise.

Operating in various industries from time to time since the early 2000s, Elicko Taieb is among the best serial entrepreneurs in the world. Talking about business advisory, he never failed at completing a job.

He was involved in many industries like CBD, real estate, food, e-cigarettes, pest control, etc. Leaving his mark on these industries was a rewarding milestone for him. He produced innovative business ideas, established companies from scratch, and turned them into multi-million ventures in due time.

Elicko Taieb stands among the top branding experts and business advisors of today. How is he able to accomplish so much in such a short time? Well, he has a sharp eye for detail and observation. He is not only an entrepreneur but also a firm leader who understands the core values within an organization and works for the best to make his projects successful.

Beginning of Eli Taieb

Eli Taieb was turning initial business investments into sizeable profits before the start of millennia. Notably, in 1999, Eli entered into the food industry with nine different food shops and restaurants.

Some of them include the Amazing Pretzels, I Scream for Ice Cream, and so on. They were located throughout the United States, including Virginia, Washington DC, and South Florida. By running these food shops and restaurants in the food courts of popular malls, Eli was able to earn profits.

After selling his shares and generating sizeable returns, Eli did not withdraw from the business world. Instead, he was keen to invest further and explore the potential limitations and benefits of different industries. So, Eli Taieb initiated a pest control service in South Florida with a small investment of $7,000.

Over time, the pest control service became a multi-million venture in South Florida. Subsequently, in 2002, Eli involved himself in the real estate market by operating a home inspection company. It took only 9 months before he was able to control 200 inspections per month in the regions of South Florida.

Some of the business ventures above were Eli’s earliest serial entrepreneurial milestones. Moreover, CBD, E-Cigarettes, (Similar to other daily deals aggregators) are some of his remarkable achievements.

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